On-site management after resumption of work


management refers to the use of scientific management systems, standards and methods to control the production elements of the production site, including people (workers and managers), machines (equipment, tools, workstations), materials (raw materials), methods (processing, testing) methods), environment (environment), information (information), etc. to carry out reasonable and effective planning, organization, coordination, control and testing, so as to keep them in a good state of combination and achieve high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, balanced, safe, and civilized production. Purpose. 

2 The standard of excellent production site management

1) Reasonable staffing and matching skills;

2) Material tools, placed in an orderly manner;

3) Site planning, labeling and analysis;

4) The work flow is orderly;

5) Rules and regulations are strictly implemented;

6) On-site environment, hygienic and clean;

7) The equipment is in good condition and operates normally;

8) Safe and orderly, smooth logistics;

9) Quantitative quality assurance, balanced control;

10) Registration statistics shall be recorded without omission.

3 Six elements of on-site management (5M1E analysis method)

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