Shandong Industrial Online pH Meter Manufacturer: Wrong Use of pH Meter Electrodes


If the online pH meter electrode is accidentally left dry, it can be activated by soaking it in 0.1mol hydrochloric acid for 12 hours. If it still cannot be used, then regenerate the sensitive membrane: put the online pH meter electrode into the regeneration solution (NH4HF2) for 1-2 minutes.

9 fatal errors in the use of online pH meter electrodes:

1. All samples are tested using only the same online pH meter electrode;

2. During the test, the filling port of the online pH meter electrode can be added with filling liquid;

3. The electrode of the online pH meter should be placed dry or placed in distilled water;

4. Wipe the electrode glass membrane of the online pH meter vigorously after cleaning;

5. It takes a long time to calibrate the pH meter electrode once;

6. It is believed that temperature will not affect PH;

7. The electrolyte in the electrode of the rechargeable electrolyte online pH meter is not replaced for a long time;

8. The electrolyte is not filled enough, and the liquid level is lower than the liquid level of the liquid to be tested;

9. It is believed that the use of the online pH meter electrode will not be damaged.

If the above nine wrong behaviors occur, it will not only affect the measurement results of the online ph meter, but also seriously damage the online ph meter, thereby affecting the smooth progress of the normal measurement work.

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