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The economic operation of the automation instrument and system listed enterprises from January to December 2016

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2018/05/12 16:23
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Among the 11 operating indicators, except sales revenue, total profit, accounts receivable rate, sales expense ratio and management expense ratio, which are five indicators, are better than the previo
Among the 11 operating indicators, except sales revenue, total profit, accounts receivable rate, sales expense ratio and management expense ratio, which are five indicators, are better than the previous year, the remaining six indicators are worse than the previous year. The sales revenue reached 69.329 billion yuan, an increase of 14.03% year on year and a net increase of 8.529 billion yuan. The total profit reached 7.535 billion yuan, an increase of 0.58% year-on-year, lower than the 13.44 percent increase in sales revenue. Sales revenue of 10 enterprises increased negatively (-1.823 billion yuan), contributing -21.38% to the net increase of 8.529 billion yuan in sales revenue. Profit total net gain of 43.785 million yuan (including 1.125539 billion yuan in 21 enterprises negative growth, contribution to the net increase of 2570.59%), the main business profit contribution - 28.335 million yuan, the contribution of 64.71%, other profit is 72.121 million yuan, 164.71% contribution (see photo, l); The gross profit increased by 1665633 thousand yuan, contributing to the negative profit growth of 28335 thousand yuan in the main industry was -5878.28%, while the expenses increased by 1693968 thousand yuan, contributing to 5978.28%(see figure 2). The contribution of sales revenue growth to gross profit growth was 156.73%, while the gross profit rate dropped 1.36 percentage points, and the contribution was -56.73%. The increase in sales revenue contributed 86.54% to the increase in sales cost, while the increase in sales cost rate contributed 13.46% to the increase in sales growth. The increase of sales revenue contributed 102.67% to the increase of expenses during the period, and the decrease of expenses during the period contributed -2.67% to the increase of expenses during the period (see figure 3). The comparison of the profitability of 20 enterprises with the highest gross profit rate is shown in figure 4. Among them, Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd has the highest profit conversion rate of its main industry (0.4883), converting its 48.83% gross profit into its main industry profit. The comparison of the average income scale of the main industry by the main industry growth group is shown in figure 5. A comparison of the share of main income and total profit by main industry growth group is shown in figure 6.
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