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Application prospect of intelligent automation technology in instrument and measurement

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2018/05/12 16:23
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First of all, intelligent automation technology has opened up broad prospects for the application of instrumentation and measurement related fields. Using intelligent software and hardware, make each 
First of all, intelligent automation technology has opened up broad prospects for the application of instrumentation and measurement related fields. Using intelligent software and hardware, make each instrument or instrument can accurately analyze, deal with the current and previous data information, properly from high, medium and low different level to the abstract of measurement process, in order to improve the performance and efficiency of the existing measurement system, extend the functionality of the traditional measurement system, such as using neural network, genetic algorithms, evolutionary computation and chaos control, intelligent technology, make the instrument to achieve high speed, high efficiency, multi-function, high flexible performance, etc.
Second, also can be in the dispersed system of different instrument adopts microchip technology such as microprocessor, microcontroller, the design of fuzzy control procedure, set up the critical value of various measurement data, the fuzzy rules of fuzzy reasoning technology, various of things fuzzy relation between various kinds of fuzzy decision. Its advantage is not set up the mathematical model of controlled object, also do not need a lot of testing data, only according to experience, summed up a suitable control rules, the application of chip offline calculation, on-site commissioning, according to our needs and produce accurate precision analysis and the control action on time.
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