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The UN general assembly led the effort to build a "group" on the issue, which was opposed by five countries

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2018/05/12 16:20
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Before the vote, the French ambassador to the UN general assembly said: Della "our environment unprecedented deterioration has killed hundreds of thousands of people, these factors include global warm
Before the vote, the French ambassador to the UN general assembly said: Della "our environment unprecedented deterioration has killed hundreds of thousands of people, these factors include global warming, water pollution, air pollution, reduce biodiversity, and soil deterioration."
"If we do not act decisively, there will be serious consequences: the depletion of natural resources, the increase in migration and conflict," he said.
Of the 193 members of the United Nations, 143 voted in favor, five against, the United States, Russia, Syria, Turkey and the Philippines. Seven countries, including Iran, abstained.
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